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Have you read ‘Meet Me At The Lake‘?

Meet Me at the Lake

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“Meet Me at the Lake” is written by Carley Fortune, and is an interesting novel to get your hands on! If you want a novel that blends the beauty of a scenic environment with a cast of relatable characters and a dose of life’s wisdom, this is the book for you. You can actually read it or just listen to the audio part for Free if you sign up for a trial. 

The characters in “Meet Me at the Lake” are like old friends you’ll want to see again. Fortune has a wonderful ability to create realistic and authentic characters. Their experiences are intertwined in such a way that you will feel emotionally invested in their pleasures, challenges, and dreams.

Carley Fortune’s writing is like a lovely breeze on a calm lake day. Her story takes you on a journey that is both calming and energizing. As you read the novel, you’ll be transported to the gorgeous lakeside environment, with its calm waters and the promise of adventure.

What distinguishes this novel, “Meet Me at the Lake”, is its capacity to induce nostalgia for languid summer days, bonfires on the beach, and the company of friends. It’s a story that will make you reflect on your own experiences, reminding you how important it is to take a break from the rush and bustle of life.

Well, in this novel, you find two characters named as, Fern and Will who get to know each other and become friends in their twenties. At that time, they seem to kind of lost and not sure what to do with life or which direction should they take. So, they are kind of trying to know where to go. It seems difficult for both of them to make up their minds due to the heavy responsibilities they have for their families. They seem to be taking care of their families, despite of their young ages.

Meet Me at the Lake

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So, what happens is that, both of them decide to spend a whole day together enjoying a tour in their town and then they make a promise which is about meeting up again in one year.

However, life doesn’t seem to be easy for any of them, and after 10 years, Fern gets to know about the death of her mum and decides to come back home to take the full responsibility of her family, so she takes over the responsibility of the family resort, though, she does not seem to like it. It seems she has to do that!

At that time, Will does not seem to figure out what to do with his life as things do not seem to go well. He happens to meet Fern after 10 years and decides to give her a hand at the resort and supports her thoroughly. Their friendship reconnects and gets stronger since then, and life continues.

I feel this novel, ‘Meet me at the lake’, is about balancing between what we want and what others want, it is about learning how to prioritize our to-do list. It is a very realistic novel as it teaches us the elements of life and how to look at things from a wider perspective.


If you have not read this novel, Meet me at the lake”, or you don’t have time to read it, I suggest listening to the audio for free once you sign up here.

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