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Things We Never Got Over‘ is a novel written by Lucy Score.

Things We Never Got Over (Knockemout)

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Lucy Score’s “Things We Never Got Over” is a lovely novel that touched my spirit in a way that only the best books can. If you’re looking for a story that’s as enchanting as it is familiar, one that delves into the complexity of love and second chances, you’ve found a hidden gem in these pages.

The writing of Lucy Score is like a warm, welcoming embrace. Her tale is graceful and humorous, transporting you to a world that feels as real as your own. You’ll find yourself laughing, sobbing, and cheering for the characters’ achievements as if they were your best friends as you immerse yourself in their lives.

The story of ‘Things We Never Got Over’ shows Naomi Witt, a thirty-six years old, presents to be a good and responsible young lady who seems to be taken care of everything around her. It seems she always puts her happiness last and she never bothers anyone around her, and always willing to support others despite how hard or impossible situations could be.

However, on her preparation to have a wonderful honeymoon with Warner, she receives a very unexpected phone call from her twin sister, Tina, who changes the overall plan. Tina seems to be a troublemaker who never leaves anyone in peace!

and that’s true! Tina tells Naomi about Waylay, Tina’s unknown daughter, who has been left behind for about 11 years. Naomi never knows that she has a niece with a very strong personality who looks after her mother in almost everything.

The news shocked Naomi as it leaves her stuck and is not sure what to do. All of her plans get messed up with just a phone call! So, she decides to take the challenge to find her niece and bring her up.

Things We Never Got Over (Knockemout)

Click on this image to learn more about this novel and other ones

Fast forward, Naomi manages to solve the puzzle and succeeds in taking care of Waylay. In fact, Naomi is not the only one who surrounds Waylay with love and care, rather, the whole neighborhood seems to be taking care of her. It was not an easy job for Naomi as she seems to be spending days or even months trying to get her niece’s attention, and she tries with everything possible to provide her with food, clothes, loves, and more. It takes quite some time for Waylay to appreciates and sees the effort.

There is another character in the novel, ‘Things we never got over’, his names is¬†Knox Morgan, forty-three good looking man who does not seem to be in any relationship after high school, though, lots of ladies are in love with him. He likes to do what he wants, and does not like to be ruled by anyone. Knox and Naomi seem to have a good friendship connection, despite the fact of fighting all the time. They seem to have a such long history of fighting, but they know how to get things solved.

Sometimes, Naomi gets really angry when he Knox gets confused between her with her twin sister. It gets really annoying as he would yell at her, assuming she is the twin and not Naomi. Such confusion gets Naomi angry as she does not like it when people get confused between her and Tina. However, Knox appreciates Naomi and supports her in every way, despite being grumpy at her sometimes. He knows how kind¬† Naomi is and that she always puts others’ needs before her own.

Honestly, ‘Things we never got over’ is a very touchy novel, it was kind of difficult for me to put it off as every chapter progresses interestingly. what about you? have you got the chance to read it? If not, here is the link for you to get your copy of the book or you can sign up for a free trial.¬†

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