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‘Reminders of Him’ is a novel written by Colleen Hoover.

Reminders of Him: A Novel

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Colleen Hoover’s story “Reminders of Him” captivated me and left an unforgettable impact on my heart. This is a must-read if you want a book that will sweep you off your feet, test your emotions, and stay in your thoughts long after the last page is turned. Colleen Hoover’s work has a way of permeating your spirit. Her storytelling is more than just a means of escape; it is an experience. She brilliantly builds a universe that is both raw and comforting in “Reminders of Him,” drawing you into a narrative replete with fascinating characters and heart-wrenching challenges.

The characters in this book demonstrate Hoover’s skill for creating realistic, relatable people. You’ll find yourself deeply connected to their lives, challenges, and hopes. The author vividly depicts the complexity of love, sorrow, and the long-term consequences of our choices, reminding us that life is frequently a web of interrelated moments.

The beginning of ‘Reminders of Him’ shows a car accident involving a couple, Kenna and her boyfriend Scottie. It seems Kenna is in her first few months of pregnancy and drives under the influence. So, when the accident happens, she is not sure what to do; she thinks he dies, and so leaves the scene of the accident. She cannot even find a cellphone to call.

Basically, the book does not expose too many details on this part, and we do not have any idea about the conversation they had before the accident; the writer does not reveal anything about this part. As I mentioned, the beginning of ‘Reminders of Him’ starts with the car accident.

So, after the accident, Kenna gives birth to a girl in prison, and her boyfriend’s parents decide to take over the custody, as Kenna needs to complete her five years in prison.

Fast forward, after five years, Kenna gets out of prison with the hope of being reunited with her daughter, Diem, but things do not seem as easy as Kenna imagines. In which, Ledger, Scottie’s best friend who has not met Kenna at all, though he seems to have created his own version of her in his head, is very much hurt as Scottie is not just his best friend, rather, he is like a brother to him, and he loves Scottie’s parents like his own. He feels responsible to protect Diem and not to let her get closer to her mother. Ledger has so much anger towards Kenna.

Reminders of Him: A Novel

Click on this image to learn more about this novel and other ones

However, when he finally gets the chance to meet her, not knowing who she is, and slowly begins to find out that Kenna is not as he imagined her to be, the situation is really awkward for everyone. Kenna, who lost the love of her life and daughter, Ledger, who lost his best friend, and the parents who are still filled with grief.

But that does not mean the ending of ‘Reminders of Him’ is sad, no! 😀 Miracles usually happen when we feel like giving up! and that is exactly what happens when Kenna reunites with her daughter, and Ledger gets to know the exact story, though he seems to have bothered Kenna with countless questions without even realizing how painful his accusations are. The heartache she feels is so deep!

So, basically, the book ‘Reminders of Him’ lets you feel the emotions on every page! You would find yourself going through happiness, sadness, tears, yells, etc.

It’s an amazing book to be read, and I highly recommend it. If you don’t have time to read the book, I would suggest listening to the audiobook for a free signup trial. Just click here to get it.

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