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Things We Hide From The Light

Things We Hide From The Light is written by Lucy Score.

Things We Hide from the Light (Knockemout Series, 2)

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This novel is a continuation of another novel called ‘Things We Never Got Over.’ I talked about it here. 😊 Lucy Score has an amazing capacity to create characters who feel like genuine people, and her ability to capture the essence of human emotions is simply amazing. The novel is a lovely voyage of self-discovery, forgiveness, and the value of accepting one’s past.

In ‘Things We Hide From The Light’, we notice the chemistry between Knox and Naomi, though they pretend to have nothing going on between the two of them. However, in ‘Things We Hide From The Light,’ the connection between Knox and Naomi becomes kind of transparent, and others start questioning their relationship. Denying the attraction and chemistry between them gets harder day by day. Their relationship becomes one of the main hot topics in the neighborhood, and everyone seems to be entertained by their story.

Knox seems to be stuck in his own way, unlike Naomi, who seems to be trying all the time to get things solved and not to be stuck. So, basically, they have completely different perspectives. They know that neither of them is ready for a relationship; however, things seem to have changed quickly, and they end up being together!

Things We Hide from the Light (Knockemout Series, 2)

Click on this image to learn more about this novel and other ones

In ‘Things We Hide From The Light,‘ we get to know more details about Naomi walking down the aisle to marry Knox within just three weeks. She seems to have scheduled everything since Naomi is the kind of person who prefers to schedule and plan everything in advance. She is very organized, unlike Knox.

In this book ‘Things We Hide From The Light,’ we get to know about Angelina, who is thirty-seven years old and does not seem to have any interest in being in a relationship. She believes that having friends means bringing troubles, and she seems to be busy with her personal life. She is strong and independent and enjoys doing sports, walking about five miles a day, and is very much interested in fashion and beauty.

Another character that deserves to be highlighted is Lina, Knox’s ex-girlfriend. They dated back in college, and it seems she was about twenty or twenty-one, and Knox was twenty-four years old at that time. She has her line of business. Fast forward, she happens to develop some connection with Chief Nash, Knox’s brother. He seems to be very much concerned about making Knockemout a better place to live. It seems that his main concern is the people and how to help them out with everything they need.

Before meeting up with Lina, he used to feel empty without any emotions. His only concerns are Knockemout and the people. However, things start to take a very unexpected direction when Lina enters his life. They both start to feel something for each other, and the connection seems to have progressed really quickly. The writer expresses that way too clearly in the novel ‘Things We Hide From The Light.’

And there are lots of other details that happen in the novel that I would really recommend you to keep an eye on! However, if you don’t have enough time, I suggest getting the audiobook for free once you sign up for the trial. This novel is a must-read for people who appreciate heartfelt contemporary fiction with a dash of romance. Lucy Score’s storytelling prowess shows through every page, making “Things We Hide From The Light” a tragic and captivating tale that will linger long after the final page is turned.

I would love to know more from your side, and if you have other novels that you feel are good to read, let us know.

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