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‘English Grammar for Adults’ is written by Michael DiGiacomo

The English Grammar Workbook for Adults: A Self-Study Guide to Improve Functional Writing

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English Grammar for Adults‘ workbook is perfectly suitable for adult language learners who find themselves struggling or confused when using English grammar. It is an engaging and instructive guide for English language learners (ELLs) of all levels looking to enhance their grammar skills. The author, Michael DiGiacomo, has expertly produced a resource that simplifies the frequently confusing topics of English grammar for adult learners.

This workbook is directed towards adult language learners as it not only teaches them Grammar topics but also covers Business writing, including crafting emails, cover letters, conducting daily business, and more. It plays a crucial role in building adult learners’ self-esteem. One of the book’s great benefits is its approachability. The author, DiGiacomo understands the difficulties that adult learners face and explains complex grammar topics in a user-friendly and accessible manner. As a result, it is appropriate for English Language Learners (ELLs) who may have had limited exposure to English grammar in their previous education.

The Content of English Grammar for Adults workbook: 

The English Grammar Workbook for Adults: A Self-Study Guide to Improve Functional Writing

Click on this image to learn more about this workbook and other ones

The English grammar for adults workbook is organized logically, beginning with the fundamentals of English grammar and advancing to more difficult topics. Each chapter is well-organized, with plenty of examples and exercises to help reinforce the principles taught. DiGiacomo’s practical approach is especially beneficial; he shows how to apply grammar principles in regular discussions and writing.

One of the workbook’s attractions is its emphasis on real-world applications. DiGiacomo uses various examples from modern English to help students grasp how grammar is used in today’s language. This practical viewpoint not only improves comprehension but also pushes students to practice and use their skills.

Furthermore, the English Grammar for adult workbook provides insights into the primary issues that ELLs face, which are essential for both better comprehending the language and avoiding common blunders.

English Grammar for Adults” is a thorough resource that covers everything from sentence structure to verb tenses. However, some advanced students who are interested in a more in-depth examination of English grammar might find it too simple and probably not challenging enough as they may wish to enhance their studies with more detailed and complex content. Therefore, I would really recommend checking this page for more information as I have reviewed other English grammar books for advanced learners.

Many language learners have purchased this English grammar for adults workbook and noticed quick improvements not only in grammar but also in their writing and self-esteem. That’s true! It effectively enhances your writing fluency, and you will start noticing the changes within the first few hours of using this particular English Grammar Workbook. The taught English grammar topics in this workbook are so interesting and informative that you won’t even feel bored while studying!

“English Grammar for Adults” by Michael DiGiacomo is a highly compelling and instructive book for English language learners. Its approachable language, practical examples, and clear structure make it an excellent starting point for adult learners to acquire English grammar. This resource is a wonderful complement to your language-learning journey, whether you’re learning English for academic or professional objectives.

However, if you need to focus on studying individual contents or need help with just a few English Grammar topics, I suggest checking this page as it really provides you with detailed explanations with self-studying questions. It is like a self-learning method. Try them, and I’m sure you will not be disappointed.

We can totally relate to the struggle of mastering English grammar, but with a little practice and patience, you can significantly improve your communication skills through self-study in your spare time 😊

I hope you find today’s book review useful, and let us know if you have any questions. Also, you’re most welcome to click on the previous topic which focuses on: The Blue Book of Grammar 


Happy learning!


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