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How to Improve Reading Skills?

Do you usually find it hard to improve your reading skills and are not sure what methods to follow? Have you ever had the motivation to read a book but then lost interest in reading due to the choice of words?

Well, in this post, I am sharing 10 Tips to help you enhance your reading skills so you will develop an interest in reading. 

1. What do you like to read?

You need to answer this question before moving into the next steps. Do you like reading books, newspapers, magazines, etc.? Knowing the type of reading you like will indirectly find yourself sitting and reading, no matter how hard the book seems to be. You might not complete the whole book but you will be interested to try.

If you like reading books, choose the type of genre that interests you the most and that could be science fiction, nonfiction, comedy, or any other type that attracts your attention and want to learn more about. Choosing what you like to read enhances your reading skills faster than reading something you are not interested in!

2. How to read long words?

You need to divide the word into syllables (parts) and read each part aloud, then connect them into one.


Unhappiness = /un/ , /happi/, /ness/

3. Read aloud

Reading aloud improves your reading skills as you will be paying attention to every word you pronounce. When you read aloud, you will become comfortable speaking in front of others, and builds your confidence in expressing yourself.

4. Choose a suitable place for reading

To improve your reading skills, you need to find a relaxing and quiet place for reading without distractions. The place needs to be suitable for reading aloud. You need to choose a reading area where you can comfortably express the words without feeling self-conscious.

3. Set Reading Goals:

Setting some reading goals help you improve your reading skills and you will start notice the improvement within a time if you follow your goals and be consistent! Try to have one page a day to read aloud or even more to reach your goals.

4. Discuss with Friends:

It is always great to discuss what you read with others. When you discuss various topics with others, you will widen your views, discover new perspectives and make reading even more exciting.

5. Join reading clubs:

Joining a group of people who love reading encourages you to read more so you get engaged in discussing about what you read with them and highlights the benefits of such practice.

6. Keep a Reading Journal:

Maintaining a reading journal can be a valuable tool to improve your reading skills. Your reading experience will definitely elevate when you jot down your thoughts, quotes, powerful expressions into your reading journal. Such practice would add depth to your reading journey, helping you reflect and engage with the text on a deeper level.

     Reading Journal


7. Explore Different Genres:

Although I emphasized in the beginning of this post that you need to choose topics you are interested in, however, that does not mean you should not venture into other genres. As you become more comfortable with reading, consider challenging yourself with different reading materials to encounter different viewpoints and perspectives. Consequently, you will be able to share your thoughts with others and have confidence in discussing different topics with them.

8. Celebrate your achievement:

You need to celebrate your achievement every time you achieve a reading goal or reach a milestone. You need take a moment to celebrate your accomplishment. Acknowledging your progress is a wonderful way to stay motivated and enjoy the journey of improving your reading skills.


So, I sincerely hope you find the tips I have shared to be beneficial. If you have questions about reading or if you are looking for additional tips on improving your reading skills, feel free to reach out in the comments. And if you need more study related advice, check out my previous post.


Happy learning and all the best!





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