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How to Learn English Grammar?

Are there easy steps to Master English Grammar?

Definitely! In this post, I am willing to share a few important steps that will help you improve your English grammar quickly.

Start with an English grammar topic

Let’s say, you need to study the Simple Present Tense. The first thing to do is look at the grammar rules of the topic. Understand the rules very well before doing some exercises. If you don’t know how to study the rules, I have detailed English grammar notes that cover everything you need to know and answer all the related questions, including examples, and exercises with answer keys. Browse YouTube videos, ask your English grammar instructor, or contact me here. If you’re seeking further assistance, I’m always available and willing to help. You can even explore the English Grammar book reviews I’ve shared previously.

Practice with Exercises to improve your grammar

Once you learn the grammar rule, you need to practice with some exercises to evaluate your level of understanding. You may use English grammar workbooks, online exercises, or even seek guidance from your English grammar instructor for additional practice, like doing some English grammar activities.


Apply the grammar rules in speaking

You really need to apply what you study in speaking with others to practice the English grammar rules. If you want to master your English grammar skills, you need to practice the rules in speaking with others. Don’t limit yourself to just studying and doing exercises! that’s not enough! Engage in conversations with friends or family using the learned grammar rules.

Write sentences using the studied grammar topic

Create your own sentences using the grammar rules you’ve learned. Take a notebook and write a few sentences or even a short paragraph using the learned grammar rule and show it to your instructor for correction or ask someone else to correct them for you. If you study the Simple present rules, then you need to make sure your sentences have the correct structure of (subject + verb + object). Transforming such practices into habits would definitely enhance your English grammar skills.

Join English groups to practice your grammar.

There are plenty of online English communities out there for you to join. If English isn’t commonly spoken in your surroundings, consider joining virtual English groups where you can engage in discussions and practice the grammar topics you’ve learned. To truly master English grammar skills, it’s necessary to put your learning into action by speaking with others.

Reading aloud levels up your grammar

It is highly recommended to read aloud instead of having a silent reading technique. When you read loudly, you will notice the sentence formation and the words are grammatically connected. Reading aloud enhances your understanding of what you are reading. You will be able to catch details and meanings that might have slipped by during silent reading.

Take some quizzes to boost your English grammar level:

To evaluate your level of grammar understanding, I recommend taking some online quizzes where you can answer grammar questions. Let’s say, you need to practice the use of the present perfect tense, so you can just search on Google for some related quizzes, like (quiz on Present perfect tense) and you will get a list of quizzes that you can try. Doing quizzes regularly boosts your level of understanding.

So, I genuinely hope you find the shared advice beneficial. If you have questions about grammar study techniques on how to study the grammar or specific topics that need explanation, feel free to reach out in the comments. And if you’re eager for more study tips, check out my previous post.

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