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Why Does Speaking English Matter


Well, let me be totally honest with you; speaking English can open up a whole new world of possibilities! You get to connect with people from different countries, make friends, explore diverse cultures, travel confidently, and even work with international companies. Exciting, right? The opportunities are endless!

When you practice speaking online, it’s like having a superpower that allows you to communicate with anyone, anywhere, and at any time! You can connect with people all over the globe, share your thoughts and ideas, and become a global communicator.

So, whether you’re just starting your language-learning journey or looking to improve your speaking skills, I thought of sharing with you some speaking practice tips to help you speak English fluently and confidently, all while having a great time!

Fun Tips to Practice Speaking Online:

Start with small talk:

Well, I believe this advice can be used when you speak in your native language or the target one. In other words, if you are a native speaker who would like to start a conversation with someone, you may start with a small talk; you can use the same technique when speaking in your target language. Start with easy and common words and phrases, like;

Hello, how are you?

how was your weekend?

How is work so far?

These are just examples of having small talk. Remember, it’s not just about asking questions; share information about yourself and your interests to keep the conversation flowing. Starting with small talk often leads to having a wonderful conversation where you can express yourself freely in English or any other language you’re learning.

Watch Engaging programs (videos, movies, news, etc.):

Explore fun English videos where they speak clearly and effectively. If you plan to work on your American accent, focus on watching movies and videos using the American accent. For a British touch, try related movies and videos using the British accent, and the same approach can be applied to other languages too. Pay close attention to what they say and don’t hesitate to practice along! You just need to practice, practice, and practice!

Sing Along:

Sometimes singing English songs may help you remember words and pronunciation better. Pick songs with clear and meaningful lyrics that you can use in your speaking and writing practice. It’s a whole lot of fun too!

Play Language Games can help you practice speaking online:

Well, online games are not just for fun; you can play online games and practice your English writing skills or any other language you try to improve.

Online tutoring websites for Speaking English Online:

There are different online tutoring websites that you can join to practice speaking online, and I will do online tutoring reviews on them and show the pros and cons of each. I spoke a lot about the benefits of joining online lessons and how to improve your speaking skills by yourself.

If you would like to join an online speaking platform where you speak with other language learners without being instructed by tutors, you may click here and join Free4talk. It is a platform where you can join any group you want and freely express yourself but you won’t be instructed and no one corrects you when you make mistakes.

On the other hand, websites like and offer guided sessions with experienced tutors. So, you may choose the learning style that suits you best and dive into speaking with confidence!

Listen to English Stories to practice speaking online:

Listening to stories in English or any other language improves your listening and speaking skills. There are different genera of audiobooks that you can click on and get your first audiobook for free! Let stories captivate your imagination and improve your language skills at the same time 😊

Best Books in Top Categories
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There you have it, fantastic ways to practice speaking online! We’ll be focusing more on reviewing online speaking platforms in our upcoming posts, so don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletters to stay updated. I’d love to hear more about the methods you use to practice speaking online. Let’s chat and learn together in the comments below.

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