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Idioms With Their Meanings

We’ll be discussing some of the most common English idioms with their meanings and sentences in today’s blog post. There are actually lots of English idioms and we’ll be discussing them in different posts.

So, let’s start with the selected English Idioms with their meanings 🤗


“Break a leg”:

Meaning: Wishing someone good luck.
Example: “Before her dance recital, her friends encouraged her by saying, ‘Break a leg!’

“Costs an arm and a leg”:

Meaning: Something is very expensive.
Example: “The latest smartphone model costs an arm and a leg, so I’ll have to save up.”

“Piece of cake”:

Meaning: Something is easy or effortless.
Example: “The math problem was a piece of cake for her; she solved it in seconds.”

“Let the cat out of the bag”:

Meaning: Accidentally revealing a secret.
Example: “I didn’t mean to let the cat out of the bag, but I accidentally told him about the surprise party.”

“Hit the nail on the head”:

Meaning: Being exactly right or accurate.
Example: “She hit the nail on the head with her explanation of the scientific concept.”

“Bite the bullet”:

Meaning: Facing a difficult situation with courage.
Example: “Even though he was scared, he decided to bite the bullet and give his speech in front of a large audience.”

“Hold your horses”:

Meaning: Wait or be patient.
Example: “Hold your horses, we need to make sure everyone is ready before we start the game.”

“Break the ice”:

Meaning: To initiate or start a conversation in a friendly manner.
Example: “He told a joke to break the ice and make everyone feel comfortable.”

“Kick the bucket”:

Meaning: To pass away or die.
Example: “In the movie, the old character kicks the bucket, but his memory lives on.”

“Face the music”:

Meaning: Accept the consequences of your actions.
Example: “He knew he had made a mistake and had to face the music.”

“I can’t complain”:

Meaning: Everything is going well, and there is nothing to be unhappy about.
Example: “Instead of saying (I’m fine), you may say (I can’t complain). This means that you’re really enjoying yourself and have no reason to be unhappy.

“I’m on a cloud nine”:

Meaning: feeling extremely happy.
Example: “John was on cloud nine when he found out that he passed his math test”

“Riled up”:

Meaning: angry or upset.
Example: “She got riled up because she felt upset and angry after being rejected at the job interview”

So, the above mentioned English idioms with their meanings are just a few and I will be sharing more related posts in the soonest future 🤗Practicing the use of Idioms when speaking with others help improve your speaking skill and you tend to sound more like a native speaker. The more you familiarize yourself with idiomatic expressions, the easier it will be to understand and use them effortlessly.

To remember them easily, try to have a notebook where you write the English idioms with their meanings and sentences, then start memorizing 3 to 4 idioms with their meanings daily and start using them in speaking with others. You really need to start using them so you won’t forget. If you don’t have anyone to speak with, try joining online English tutoring platforms or you can join speaking platforms like where you can chat with others in English. You may even try to improve your English language skills or you can learn other languages too! However, if you prefer to take a separate English course where you can study from home, I suggest studying individually at your own space & practice through listening or even reading English books or watching movies.

Basically, I don’t want you to get worried at all! and if you want us to talk more about that, just leave your comment below 🤗 Don’t forget to click here and subscribe for more language-learning tips and resources. Keep practicing, keep learning, and soon you’ll be an idiomatic language wizard

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